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Information for Foreign Patients

Not all our nurses speak foreign languages. If you wish to make an appointment by phone or you are coming to give a sample of urine or blood, it is clear in advance that you will only communicate with a nurse and not with a physician. In these cases please ask a Czech speaking person to make the appointment for you or if you are coming to give a sample for the first time bring a Czech speaking person with you. If you already have any previous records from our doctor, it is not necessary to be accompanied. The nurse will see from your records what should be tested in your blood or urine.

Visiting the doctor:

If you speak comprehensible English, German or Russian you will be treated free of charge (if you are a citizen of the European Union).

Some foreigners who are not from the European Union but have long term health insurance in the Czech Republic will also be treated free of charge.

If you are not a citizen of the European Union and at the same time your health insurance in the Czech Republic is for a limited period (for example your employer has insured you in the Czech Republic) we request payment for treatment in cash according to the current points system for health care where one point equals one Czech crown. After each visit you will receive confirmation of your payment. In our experience it is not a problem to have these payments reimbursed by health insurance companies.

We have chosen this method because we do not have our own accounts department to invoice patients with contractual health care (smluvni pojisteni). If this method is unsuitable for you, please attend one of the urological clinics at either of the faculty hospitals in Brno, both of which have a department for patients with contractual insurance.

Generally we treat foreign patients speaking English, German or Russian, but we also often treat foreigners from Italy, Vietnam or Ukraine.

An exceptional situation can occur if the foreign patient doesn‘t speak comprehensible English German or Russian. Please understand that if you are not able to answer for example the question: „Are you allergic to anything? “, we would be putting you at an unacceptable risk, if we were to treat you in any way. In these cases we request the presence of an interpreter – a member of the family is acceptable.

Because treatment with the translation of every individual sentence takes at least twice as long as the treatment of Czech speaking patients we request a fee of 500 Czech crowns for the first visit and 200 Czech crowns for each further visit. This payment is requested even if the patient who doesn’t understand English, German or Russian is insured in the Czech Republic. You will receive a cash receipt for these payments.


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